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Antics, a skewbald (brown and white) stallion would not have been here today had it not been for Sandy and Ian Vandenberghe who saved his mother ‘Antigony’ from certain death.


As Antics came into the world as a ‘gift’ (and he’s very handsome!) Sandy felt that he would have a superb role in life by helping raise money for children.  

Antics stands at Stud and all his stud fees go to the charity.  We also hold other fundraising events and welcome any fundraisers you can do for us.

Our Aim

‘Antics’ is a charity based in Witney, Oxon that was set up in August 2003 and became registered with the Charities Commission in February 2004 (Charity Number: 1102359).   The charity has the specific aim to raise money for children aged 18 years and under, affected by cancer.  This can be a child who is in active treatment for cancer; or who has a sibling or parent in active treatment for cancer; or who has suffered bereavement of a parent or sibling through cancer. 

With the money raised through the charity, we provide funds locally and nationally by way of grant aid or through the purchase of goods or for social needs such as a relief break for the child.

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